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90 Days to ROI Recovery Zone Advantage Program™

The Recovery Project is looking for gym owners like you who have been on the fence about investing in recovery for a while, but are now ready to take the plunge and take their business to the next level by unlocking the full potential of a Recovery Zone.

For the first 20 gym owners, we’re offering our 90 Days to ROI Recovery Zone Advantage Program™ with total support and step-by-step guides to guarantee you cannot fail, valued at $8k... FOR FREE!!!

If you can’t make money with your Recovery Zone after deploying the assets, we’ll hand you on a silver platter, we’ll give you your money back.


Because it’s never just been about the equipment for us.

We understand that one of the main reasons that Recovery Zones fail is that you don't get buy-in without education. If you don't have the content behind the scenes getting members and prospects "bought-in", you end up getting a whole lotta interest, with bugger-all true engagement.


Our 90 Days to ROI Recovery Zone Advantage Program™ includes the following...

  • Recovery Zone Setup Guide and Checklist (Value $95) Get your Recovery Zone off to a successful start with our 'Monetizing Your Recovery Zone Guide' and other essential tips.
  • Recovery Social Media Content Packages (Value $1000) Our co-branded Social Media Content is plug-and-play and designed to educate your audience on the importance of recovery for optimal health and performance.
  • Recovery Zone Photo & Video Content Package (Value $500) Access our extensive library for professional Recovery Zone imagery at no cost.
  • Recovery Signage & Infographics (Value $500) While your clients are in your facility, professional signage can guide them on how to maximize the use of equipment and recovery services.
  • EDM & SMS Marketing Templates (Value $2500) Our plug-and-play templates help you nurture prospects at every stage of the customer journey, including price increase templates that highlight the value of the offer.
  • 10 x $50 Recovery Project Gift Vouchers (Value $500) These can be used as giveaways to launch your Recovery Zone or member of the month prizes.
  • Recovery Zone Care Kit (Value $150) Maximize equipment lifespan and improve customer experience.
  • 2 x 1:1 Zoom Recovery Strategy Calls (Value $300) 1:1 access to Dr Peter Fowler to tap into his wealth of knowledge and experience
  • SleepSmart Analysis ToolTM (Value $1995) Getting enough quality sleep is crucial for recovery, but many people don't fully utilize its benefits. With our SleepSmart Analysis Tool, you can easily evaluate the quality of your clients' sleep and help them unlock it’s full potential. Our tool provides the necessary guidance and support to help them improve their sleep quality and reap the rewards of better rest.
Build your recovery zone Book a call now

90 Days to ROI Recovery Zone Advantage Program™ Assets

To opt in,

all you need to do is purchase a minimum of $3k worth of recovery equipment from The Recovery Project either as an upfront payment or through our buy now, pay later options (which can work out to be repayments of as little as $30 per week). That would be enough to get you a great Recovery Zone setup, including the following equipment...

  • 2 x Compression Boots
  • 3 x Massage Guns
  • 3 x Portable Ice Baths

Did you know: You can get up to $5k of interest-free funding through Zip Money that can be paid off over 6, 12, 18 and even 24 months? That’s repayments for a $3k Recovery Zone Setup from as little as $30 per week! Not sure how to apply for that?

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To put that in perspective, if you had 100 members and you charged them an additional $5 per week (don’t worry, we’ve also taken care of the price rise email templates) to use your Recovery Zone, then you would have paid off your equipment in just over one month!

This is WILD and won't last - seriously...we only have the stock available for 20 gym owners

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Elite Level Support

It’ll be me who personally guides you along the way. I have…

  • 15 years of experience in High-Performance Sport, working with organisations such as the Australian Institute of Sport, English Football Association and McLaren F1 Team
  • A PhD in Sports Recovery
  • 30 publications on the topic of Sports Recovery in international peer-reviewed sports science journals

I’ve even had my own Recovery Zone and learnt all the hard lessons along the way, so you don’t have to.

I’m excited to be part of your journey.


The Recovery Project Founder


Business Success Stories

Business success stories

Bonuses - you'll get access to:

Recover like a pro

E-book to upskill yourself and/or your staff

Recovery decision making tool

To help you and your staff make evidence-based decisions about the optimal time to use different recovery interventions

Recovery Infographic Suite

To display in your recovery zone

Expert knowledge & advice

in recovery and sleep

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